Hookem.io Guide

Factors that will help you better your game play

In the game named Hookem.io, which is among the series of.io games, you as the player must be in charge of a disc by using a great hook. In the game you try to sire this hook at additional players and try to strike them. On your hook landing, you’re able to spool them in close up assault them by brining other weapons into play.

However, before you get on with this game you have to be aware of a few facts of the game to have a better chance of doing well in it.

Actions in the game

Make use of the mouse/ Q button for activating your hook. The greater the time period for which you’ve somebody hooked, the greater the amount of energy you achieve!

Make use of the mouse/ the W button for activating your shield in Hookem.io play. This shield is able to be made use of for blocking hooks and also for slicing up foes.

In Hookem.io unblocked you are able to pick from 4 classes. For switching among such classes you must use 1, 2, 3 / 4.

Press in the enter key for opening the chat overlay. After having typed a brief message you have to press on enter once more for sending the message if yours to everybody about you.

Environmental factors in the game play

In the event of you incurring any kind of damage during the game play you have the ability of healing yourself by amassing the energy items that are there about you. A point that you must remember is that 4 such items is equivalent to a single part of health.

Make use of the spacebar for stopping the character of yours from moving. With this you can earn a single class point in a second.

Be on the lookout for spikes on the perimeter as they’re capable of damaging you.


Considering the above factors and also the abilities of special classes you have a great chance of doing well in this game.

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