Black Dragon what is the animal? *New 2020 Black Dragon have you been wondering what is therein? The answer is the black dragon. Games like drinks lava and not water! It’s placed 16th among the animals in Nothing is the same as it. It follows the dragon/yeti/ Kraken at an XP of 10 million. It’s resistant to river effect and can unlock triple fire breath at an XP of 20 million. Black Dragon what is the animal? *New 2020 Guide IO Games Skins

It is able to fly above everything just as the dragon can. Below, we discuss this animal in Black Dragon.

“Black Dragon” can be described as a black colored version of “Dragon.” However, it has orange-colored wings and not dragon wings. It has spikes on its backside. It is characterized by a devil’s tail. While playing as this animal you must slay Dragons for ample XP. Stay in close proximity to the lava biome as you require lava. Make use of the large Healing Stones within the lava on your hp being low. The player can try to run after animals towards the lava. This is as they are going to burn and the player is not going to get damaged.


During the launch of the game, the mass of this animal in Black Dragon was 10m. It’s the sole animal that is capable of downgrading and it becomes a dragon when its XP is 9m/ lower.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your animal always follows the cursor. Hold Left Click to Run (Uses water). Press Enter to chat. Hold Right Click or W key to dive into a body of water. Press W or right-click to use your animal's ability(only certain animals). In Sandbox, Press the up/down arrow keys to upgrade/downgrade animals!

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