RangerSteve.io Guide


Join the absurd battle in the Wild West with Rangersteve.io.Rangersteve.io would pit you against fellow hunters and you have a number of weapons that you can use at your convenience. You can fire an AK-47 or M4A1 as your primary rifle. Arm yourself with a Desert Eagle or RPG in the secondary weapon slot. Activate your boot-jets to fly!

Playing the game

Rangersteve.io games are one of the best-selected Io games that people who love fighting would love to play. This is a cool and ready to play multiplayer game where you can choose among an assortment of weapons and fight with your opponent team till you win the game. Your strategy in the game is to survive till the end. Choose the different weapons and hop into the arena instantaneously and start shooting your opponent players. Turn on your rocket fueled boots and fly high in the sky for some time. You can also choose a P90 or a M500 and shoot anyone that you see at sight. You can play with players from all across the world and learn to use your weapons to defeat the other players as well.

The features of the game

Rangersteve.io unblocked is a cool multiplayer game, which is imbibed with a number of features that makes the game all the more interesting to play. It is a cool side scrolling multiplayer game where you can just hop in if you want and join your friends and start playing the game with players from all over the world. You can start with a rifle gun and a jet pack as well, which will allow you to be in air for some time. You can also earn a number of points as you progress through the game.

Controls of the game

Use the mouse button to aim and navigate and left button to shoot and interact in Rangersteve.io play. The control and Alt button will help you to get into action. The right mouse button will help you to fly while the W, A, D, R, T and Q buttons would be used for Jumping, moving, reloading, chatting and switching the weapon consecutively.

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