Yorg.io Strategy * New 2020 – Two Key Strategies In Yorg.io

Yorg.io Strategy, Two key strategies in yorg.io, If you’re wondering the way of playing yorg.io this article is for you. There is not a great deal of information about this game available at the moment. However, the information that is available is being constantly updated online! Read on to know a couple of key tactics to use in this game.

Being a tactical game it’s vital to employ a good yorg.io strategy. Below we discuss two key tactics in this game.

Corner-capping yorg.io strategy

This is a twofold strategy that involves covering a large area and placing walls just at the bends of the base that you build. A straightforward way of visualizing corner-capping is to envision what the base is going to look like had walls surrounded all the surfaces and then imagining just the corners over that surface. To be specific, had the base been the shape of a square, one must just put walls over the four corners. The pros of this tactic are it’s Cost-effective,  levels up a player’s base fast in the pregame, and Rations walls. It’s very tough to scale high levels without the placing of walls around each surface.

Turtle UP

This is a Standard yorg.io strategy for a good number of players with numerous variations. The fundamental tactic is based on picking a minute part of the game map with 4 crystals, acclimatizing yourself and putting your factories in close proximity to the base. A number of lines of walls are going to defend your base and if possible just your turrets are going to be in close proximity to the walls with your mines being behind them. The plus points of this tactic are that it’s easily adjustable to the circumstances, for regular levelling early on in the game this tactic excels in the mid part of the game, ad a good number of turrets have overlying fields of flames.

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